"Ellen started working with my wife and I at a crucial time in our lives.  We were struggling to balance what we perceived as the need to make more money, create more time for our family, and get a clear handle over our finances.  Ellen was able to analyze our budget and work with us to create a plan where we could delegate some of the responsibility of paying bills while maximizing the income we were already making.  Working with Ellen has empowered us financially, reduced stress, and given us more time to spend with our family. Will and Carli T

"I began working with Ellen in January 2015. Having retired two years earlier than planned, I incurred a high amount of debt. During our first session I immediately felt a huge sense of relief, as she made recommendations to more quickly pay my debt down. Having A.D.D. I cannot sit still long enough to balance my checkbook. It is no longer an issue as Ellen handles that each month, providing me with a detailed printout showing my expenses, along with increasing funds within accounts which I didn’t have before. The accountability factor has helped in cutting out senseless spending and putting the focus on eliminating debt. Ellen handled my income tax this past year. She will begin handling the finances of my mother to ensure accuracy and provide me with a document for the tax accountant in Tacoma. Ellen’s is extremely personable and a joy to work with." Gail S.